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NEO Black Health Coalition’s vision is to achieve health parity (equality) in the African American/Black population


To create equity in the African American community addressing the cumulative health impact of racial, economic, environmental and social justice inequities in education, employment, housing and health by working to educate, advocate for and empower the community.


Our Brand: The meaning of the Brown Rose logo - brown rose conveys a feeling of warmth and stability. Despite of all of the atrocities that African Americans have faced we are still able to warmly embrace our ancestry and remain strong in our unrelenting faith.




Public Policy

Behavioral Health & Addiction

Research and Evaluation

Health Promotions

  • Public Policy addresses public policy that has impacted African-American communities in order to remediate the effects of racism on health outcomes by advocating for policies to promote programming designed to achieve health parity.

  • Behavioral Health and Addiction increase awareness of the negative effects of trauma, addiction and domestic abuse by promoting behavioral change through training, programming, and education. 

  • Research and Evaluation bring awareness to the effects of racism on the health outcomes of African American people through the development and implementation of research programs and initiatives. Evaluation of programming that addresses research findings that negatively affect African American communities.

      NEOBHC has adopted Community Catalyst’s approach to advocacy and four strategies 

Coalition and Stakeholder Alliances

Grassroots Organizing


Policy Analysis & Advocacy

  • Health Promotions to promote a lifestyle that will empower individuals to make choices that will increase positive health outcomes to reduce the effects of health disparities.

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