NEO Black Health Coalition’s vision is to achieve health parity (equality) in the African American/Black population


NEOBHC is a social justice organization created to address disparities and inequities in education, employment housing, health and the impact on African American health disparities by working to empower, educate and advocate for health equity in under-served populations.


Our Brand: The meaning of the Brown Rose logo - brown rose conveys a feeling of warmth and stability. Despite of all of the atrocities that African Americans have faced we are still able to warmly embrace our ancestry and remain strong in our unrelenting faith.





  • State of Disparities in the African American Community Virtual Conference Series

       20 week June-November focused on issues that impact the African American community


  • Women Experiencing Love, Life & Laughter (WELLL)

       Stress Reduction and Mental Health Program (Women).


  • Babies and Brunch

       Food delivery program for disabled children and caregivers


  • Women Experiencing Love Life & Laughter (WELLL)

       Annual women's program focused on stress and depression


  • Aches, Pains and Automobiles

       Men's Health Program


  • M.O.V.E. 

       Men Overcoming Violent Environments


  • Ladies Escaping All Violence (LEAV)

       Domestic Violence Awareness Program for Women.


  • African American Women's Wellness Walk

       Health and Wellness Program (women's physical fitness)


  • Meals 4 Mommas

       Nutrition program for women with small non school age children


  • Delivering Hope

       Food delivery service for disabled adults


  • Local Conversations

       Community Focused Solution Gathering Workshop (focusing on pertinent community issues i.e jail and bail                   reform, policing, lead poisoning, environmental racism, menthol free communities)

  • Effectively Engaging the African American Community

       Speaking about the African American community is more than dropping in. It's about relationship building

  • Midnight Meals with a Message

       The connection between food insecurity and violence is real. This program takes food to the most dangerous               areas in the city between the hours of 12am-6am.

  • Grub not Guns

       Provides food cards in exchange for guns in the most dangerous areas of the city.