NEOBHC Initiatives

NEOBHC’s vision is to achieve health parity (equality) in the African American/Black population.


NEOBHC’s mission is to close the gap on health disparities and health equities issues in the African American by working to empower, educate and advocate for under-served populations.

To achieve these goals, the NEOBHC coordinates:

LEAV: Ladies Escaping All Violence

MOVE: Men Overcoming Violent Environments

The State of Disparities Conference Series

NEOBHC Vice Presidents lead several Initiatives:

  1. 1,2,3 Call Me: Healthy Baby Program

  2. Mental Health and The Department of Justice

  3. Cars Credit and Crisis

  4. Life Insurance Expo

  5. Judge for Yourself

  6. Pastoral Conversation Around Emotional Wellness

  7. Urban Community CPR Training

  8. African American Women’s Wellness Walk

  9. Women Experiencing Love Life & Laughter

  10. 100 Sisters in Red

  11. Antoine’s Home: Self-Esteem and Self Awareness Program

  12. Women, Wings & Wine: Networking Program

  13. Aches, Pains and Automobiles​

  14. Southern Soul: Healthy Cooking Program

  15. Local Conversations: Community Focused Solution Gathering Workshop

  16. EMERGENCY NEEDS PROGRAM Babies and Brunch