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Justice Means Everything

In a time when African Americans are still coming to terms with so many injustices that have besieged our community death after death, community violence, police violence. We must ask ourselves “Why is death so quick and Justice so slow?”

When our children can’t play childish games, without the risk of adult justice. When mother’s tears continually flow from the hurt and pain of losing their babies. Day in and day out the struggles to survive outweigh the will to just live.

Our systems are broken education, housing, employment and health on life support. We have far to many systems that still seem to view us as slaves. Emancipation came but somebody forget to let everybody know.

If freedom were actually free, what would it look like? Our children are to scared to walk, our seniors are to scared to talk, our men are struggling to survive and our women holding it all inside.

Will our neighborhoods be safe havens for our young people or continue to be an open casket? Toxic environments, injustice, inequality… I want parity.

Where is the voice for the voiceless that we have been waiting to hear. Step-up and save me; you see I am no longer in slavery. The chains that hold me now are imaginary. If only I knew what it was like to be free. Who would listen to me I don’t have any power. The clock keeps ticking hour after hour. I think that I finally realized that the cavalry ain’t coming.

I don’t want a lot I just want justice. So tomorrow I step-up and take my rightful place on the battlefield. I will stand strong even if I must stand-alone.

See, I won’t be here forever and I want to die free. This is the battle cry for the disenfranchised, disillusioned and disgruntled. I am willing to lay it on the line because for me Justice Means Everything.


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