The Revolution to Prevent Lead Poisoning in Children

What is it? Lead poisoning is the elevation of lead within the body. Any child with an Elevated Blood Lead Level (EBL) higher than 5 micrograms per deciliter is considered to be at risk and health actions should be made. Potential Sources of Lead Exposure Deteriorating lead-based paint is identified as the most probable cause of elevated blood lead levels in people in the vast majority of ODH’s environmental assessments. Elevated lead levels in drinking water is rarely the most probable cause of lead poisoning. There are numerous potential sources of lead exposure: Cosmetics containing lead Foods containing lead Hobbies that include using lead-based materials Lead dust Occupations that invol

Eating Healthier, Plate by Plate

New Year, New You You don’t need to count calories or follow difficult diets to eat healthy, when the USDA and Harvard Medical School have handy tools that show you what your body needs daily. But if even daily seems too hard to get a handle on, take your eating habits plate by plate. The Harvard Eating Plate is 2 handfuls of Vegetables, or 1 handful of Vegetables and 1 handful of Fruit 1 handful of Protein 1 handful of Whole Grains If you eat a balanced plate every meal, by the end of the day, you’ve likely reached what the upgraded Food Pyramid calls a balanced diet. Even when your taste buds crave a meat or you’ve been thinking about a bean dish all day, make every plate beautiful with ve