Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competency (MACC)

Our Mission, Vision and Services Vision Ohio’s health care system actively provides culturally competent practices and interventions that will lead to optimal outcomes for individuals who seek services provided by these systems in the State of Ohio. Mission To enhance the quality of care in Ohio’s health care system and to incorporate culturally competent models of practice into the systems and organizations that provide services to Ohio’s diverse populations. Our Services *Sponsoring Lectures, Conferences and Educational Sessions concerning issues of cultural competence and other contemporary issues *Researching cultural competency practices, standards and providing this information through

Think you know all about hospice? These facts will surprise you.

As our parents and other family members get older, many of us will play an important role in caring for them. When a loved one has months rather than years to live, hospice care is often the best choice, and can help family members remain in their homes – which is where most people say they prefer to be – while receiving care that manages symptoms of their serious illness. Unfortunately, there are still many myths and misunderstandings about hospice, and these can prevent people from getting the quality of care they deserve. Hospice of the Western Reserve, a nonprofit organization that has served our community for more than 35 years, provides this list of some of the most common myths about

This Ain't Your Grandmother's Weed

Truth be told we have many issue's in our communities. Lately, I've noticed the up tick in marijuana. It's hard not to notice who is smoking. The smell can't be disguished. Talking with young folks these days you would think weed is a legal substance. They don't have a problem with using it openly. Ohio just went through a fight to make the use of marijuana bankable for a few. Twenty-one million dollars spent to legalize a drug that has sent countless African Americans away for a long time and locked them out of the American Dream. A nickel bag his sent many brothers down the road of no return. Fast forward 30 years after the War on Black communities began and now one of those drugs that wa

What's Eating You

Americas are eating plenty everyday but still starving nutritionally. The American Diet is calorie rich and nutrient sparse. What we need to do is switch it and make it NUTRIENT RICH and CALORIE SPARSE. Our bodies are satiated on nutrients not calories. Superfoods are the foods that are nutrient rich & calorie sparse. A healthy regimen includes superfoods; your lean proteins, fruits & veggies, beans & legumes, complex carbs such as sweet potatoes, sprouted brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, and etc. Also include healthy omega 3 fats: olive oil, coconut oil, flax, chia, and or hemp seeds, almonds, walnuts. Dark chocolate or Cacao is recommended occasionally as well as green tea (rich in antioxidant

Black Women and Heart Disease: The Silent Killer

I remember having lunch with a friend and she asked me “If I knew my cholesterol level”, I responded that “I didn’t know and in fact the only thing I knew about Cholesterol was that Cheerios can help to lower it”. She looked shocked and suggested that I go get it checked, “because if it’s too high it can lead to heart disease”, which is the number one killer in America! I didn’t think that I had anything to worry about, besides I’m a 32 year old black female, I couldn’t possibly be at risk for heart disease, Right? I decided to research the topic and I was astonished to learn that 49% of African American women over the age of 20 have heart disease and that one out of every three women die f

Let Me Introduce Myself

I don't care about your age, color or size, I don't care about your lips, hair or eyes. I don't care about your money fortune or fame, I don't even care about your name. I don't care about what kind of car you own, or where you live, I don't care about where you worship or how much you give. I do care about your family history and your lack of pysical activity, I do care about what you eat, drink and breathe. You look so familiar; maybe we met before today, Maybe we can become the best of friends if you keep treating your temple that way. Oh! Let me formally introduce myself before I go, My name is Heart Disease and I have visited many of you here but most of you are to stressed to know.