Weight Loss Guidance Tips for Losing Those Extra Pounds

Are you tired of all the weight loss promises? The “Magic” pills, wraps and fad diets? I was too. I began my journey to a healthy lifestyle in the fall of 2010 weighing in at 176 pounds on a 5’3 frame. I had started and stopped many times with my healthy lifestyle journey. What made this time different was that I was truly tired and fed up with the disappointments. The inability to perform everyday tasks like walking upstairs without being winded was the final straw. The journey began with making a decision to take charge of my health and find some guidelines that made sense in my life and for my lifestyle. No more smoke and mirrors just simple changes I applied into my life that aided in my

Justice Means Everything

In a time when African Americans are still coming to terms with so many injustices that have besieged our community death after death, community violence, police violence. We must ask ourselves “Why is death so quick and Justice so slow?” When our children can’t play childish games, without the risk of adult justice. When mother’s tears continually flow from the hurt and pain of losing their babies. Day in and day out the struggles to survive outweigh the will to just live. Our systems are broken education, housing, employment and health on life support. We have far to many systems that still seem to view us as slaves. Emancipation came but somebody forget to let everybody know. If freedom w

Black Infant Mortality: The Solution Lies Within

Infant Mortality is measured by the number of babies born that do not live to their first birthday. In Ohio this number is measured by the number of deaths for every 1000 live deliveries. In 2013, 1,024 infants died before their 1st birthday. Blacks babies die at almost twice the rate of white and Hispanic babies. Our ranking tells it all, Ohio ranks 45th in Infant Mortality among all racial and ethnic groups and is the 2nd highest in the nation for African American babies. The documented causes of death are early birth or babies born before 37 weeks gestation; sleep related deaths SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, asphyxia and undetermined cause account for the 3rd highest rates of infant

Eat Whole to Achieve Fitness Goals

Think outside the box this New Year when it comes to your healthy eating goals. Opt to try a new meal every week. Or start off with one every other week. There are so many healthy choices to choose from and it beats having to settle for a salad as all-time, go-to option. I’m sure many of you can relate to that. Then there is the thought that eating healthy means that food will lack any flavor. Tell the family that something is “healthy” and before you can blink an eye, they have either vanished or starting complaining before you even finished telling them what the food is. Rest assured, the lack of flavor is far from lacking when it comes to healthy eating. Eating healthy means provid